The Jews Caused World War II

Compiled by Larry Leininger


The Jews make pack with Britain to bring the U.S. into WWI in exchange for promise from Britain that it would facilitate the establishment of Israel in the Balfour Declaration. The nation of Germany had up to this time been the most hospitable to the Jews of any European nation. By making this agreement with Britain the Jews stabbed the German people in the back.



European Jew Bankers push for reparations from Germany for WWI even though Germany was no more at fault for the war than the Allies.




Jew led Bolsheviks try to gain a foot hold in Germany and by the time of Chancellor Hitler's election had killed 10 million people in Russia. Hitler had fought many hard violent political battles against these communists in an effort to stop them.



Jews Declare war on Germany in 1933 after Hitler exposed them for what they were and was elected.



German sentiment Grows against the Jews




Zionist conspire with Hitler to create hostile environment in Germany against the Jews in order to force the Jews to immigrate to Palestine.


Jews throughout the world screamed that Germany was intent on ruling the world, but Gen. George C. Marshall admitted after the war, in testimony before Congress, that no proof could be found that Hitler planned any conquest of the world.

In fact, Hitler's actions against Czechoslovakia over the Sudentenland and Poland over Danzig were just part of Hitler's long stated desire to re-acquire the territory taken from Germany after WWI in the Treaty of Versailles.


Britain declares war on Germany


Churchill was kept afloat by Jewish money and he helped Zionists


The Jews manipulate the U.S. into;


Covertly supporting Britain with war Materials


Declaring an embargo against Japan and insulting the Japanese which resulted in Japan attacking the U.S.