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The universe, as far as we know, has always been here. About the mystery of a God, or Gods, we have no evidence, we know nothing, and as far as anyone can tell there are thousands of myths and stories and fairy tales about Gods and Goddesses, Spirits and Angels, and Devils and Fairies and Ghosts and Gremlins, but as far as any evidence is concerned, all we know is that they are only a product of man's fertile imagination.( From Natures eternal religion)

"Some of the early English translators like Wycliffe and Tyndale often translated the Greek word ekklesia (the word church in most translations) as "congregation,""assembly,"", which is it's intended use here.


Pontifex Maximus Attorney Matthew Hale gave me, Pontifex Biologist Larry Leininger permission to start this Church in a letter I received from him about a year after the FBI and the U.S. judiciary and other elements railroaded him into prison. This church is based on the religious doctrine of Creativity.  Creativity was declared a religion by a U.S. Federal Court.


The religion of Creativity was founded by Ben Klassen Part One, Part Two, Part Three.


Male church members are required to wear a black tie, black pants, brown or khaki shirt, black shoes when working or being in the eye of the public. Male members who have shaved heads will be held in highest esteem. This is to demonstrate our devotion to Saint Adolf Hitler, who tried to prevent the murder of Europeans by the Jew led Bolshevik communists which was taking place in Russia when St. Hitler was elected. By that time the Jew led Bolsheviks had killed 10 million people and 100 million Russians and Europeans in total were eventually killed by them . He also tried to free Europe of Jew domination and rid Europe of non Europeans all of which were creating problems for the European people. After the "allies" defeated Germany the Jews have regained control and non-Europeans are pouring into Europe and the U.S...The Jews claim credit for forcing multiculturalism on the Europeans which will ultimately cause the extinction of the European people world wide.


We are for the peaceful overthrow of the evil Zionest controlled United States Government

The United States Government is working against the best interests of the Eur-Asian Europid people(white people). The government has been doing this at least since the Civil War and it is being orchestrated by the Jews and Christian Zionists and recently also by the homosexuals, womens libbers, and non whites. This is in violation of the intent of the founding fathers and of the constitution which they crafted for the Europid people.



Holy Laws Of Nature.


16 Commandments of Creativity.


A Naturalistic Approach to Society htm or pdf


How The Biological Imperatives Relate To Creativity.


The Sociobiology of Conservatism and Liberalism.


Evolution Is A Scientific Fact pdf or in htm


Ultimate Disaster for the White Race


Creativity Bibles and Books

Nature's Eternal Religion

The White Man's Bible

Salubrious Living

Expanding Creativity

Building a Whiter Brighter World


A Revolution of Values Through Religion

The Little White Book

Against the Evil Tide

On The Brink Of A Bloody Racial War

Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs


Important Links and Videos


The U.S. and Europe's Flawed Immigration Policies

Most of US Government's 14 Trillion dollar debt is owed to armaments industry to fight ZOG's wars.

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PROGRESSION OF THE RISE OF EVIL SINCE 1914.(An accurate Christian Perspective of the Jews)

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All other religions are pure fabrication, part one of the Zeitgeist Movie

Scientific Evidence That White Europeans Settled America Before the American Indians

The Indians Committed Genocide Against the First Americans

Is there a biological basis for race?

Race Evolution And Behavior

Recently genes that control brain size have been identified.It has also been shown that genes that increase brain size are very common in whites but rare in blacks.

New findings undermine basis of “race isn’t real” theory

The Races Of Humanity

Impeach and Prosecute Obama, Bush and Others

Godless Conservatism

How to Catch Wild Pigs

Jew Watch


National Alliance

The Creativity Movement

Womens Role In The Decline Of White America

Darwins Works On Line

Charles Darwin Research Institute


Some Science News

First 'habitable' exoplanet confirmed

Australopithecus Sediba could be direct ancestor of Homo

Human prejudice may date back 25 million years or more, scientists say

3D bio-printers to print skin and body parts

Gas rich galaxies confirm prediction of modified gravity theory, challenges Dark Matter Theory

Oral Sex Linked to Cancer

Rotating black holes could leave a twisty signature on light, a test for Relativity

Other News

O'Monkey's policies concerning Libia are being dictated by Jew puppet master Soros


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